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Website Traffic Analysis
Without being able to look under the hood of your website to see what sort of traffic and activity it has been experiencing, you can't effectively maximize the ROI on your marketing dollars. You need concise information, and a comprehensive set of analytics in order to make sound decisions when it comes to determining which marketing campaigns to perpetuate and which to sunset.

CWD has the means of collecting and analyzing such data by embedding a few lines of harmless code within the underlying HTML of your site, we are able to track the who, what, when and where for all your visitors. This strategy works alongside the SEO and search engine marketing activities as we service your website. We can also determine which keywords are bringing visitors to your site, and from which site they jumped to your site. Armed with this arsenal of analytics, we are able to develop and optimize an effective search engine marketing strategy for your website. This will yield the most "bang for the buck" when it comes to your pay-per-click campaigns.
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