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Search Engine Marketing
While SEO addresses the "organic" rankings for your website (links that naturally shows up in the left column of Google's search results screen), search engine marketing goes a step further by establishing your site in the "pay-per-click" space (the right column in Google searches). In Google, the businesses that are listed in that right margin (and now sometimes in the top of the left column) are all competing for keyword-dependent rankings via a sophisticated pay-per-click system created by Google. The more a company is willing to pay for a click-through in that area of the search results screen, then the better their chances of getting a decent ranking.

CWD is proficient in setting up pay-per-click campaigns for businesses that want their websites (links) to compete for rankings in the elite area of the search results screens. These campaigns are usually created in unison with the SEO effort, and up front analysis is done to determine the best keywords for your business. Once that is determined, the pay-per-click campaign is created and deployed. CWD has the tools to monitor the performance of the campaign, which can be turned on or off at any time. A solid SEO effort combined with a finely-tuned search engine marketing campaign can be an excellent one-tow punch to help generate leads and clients.
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