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Flash Development
Flash is a unique digital technology developed by Macromedia which is now Adobe. It enables web designers to integrate enhanced functionality and multimedia into their designs, and even makes available its own scripting language. When the web was in its infancy, Flash was as well, and was not so popular. That has changed dramatically today as Flash is widely used in the industry as firms decide to enhance their websites with Flash-based slide show banners, navigation, and video/audio functionality.

CWD recognizes that Flash can be "over done" on some sites and can sometimes be a distraction or even a detriment when it comes to search engine optimization and the subsequent search result rankings of a customer's website. Flash does have its place though and, when used wiesly and creatively, does enhance the aesthetics of a website and can assist in delivering the intended message. CWD has access to a team of creative Flash developers that also can assist in defining the Flash content.
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