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Website Design
The design or "template" for a website needs to match the theme and styling of the business and must cater to the intended audience. It has to capture the attention of the viewers relay the important messages without overwhelming the viewer or tempting them to leave the website.
Website Redesign
In cases where a company website is showing its age or has grown "stagnant," a total redisgn is often the best solution. Some companies redesign their site every few years to give the perception that the business is thriving or to communicate a change in management or direction.
Web Application Development
The science of web application development differs from website design in that website design is usually associated with the actual template of a website -- the layout of the "static" part of the screens in the website.
Content Management
There are times when you want to be able to manage the content on one or more of your website pages yourself. Perhaps you want to change an announcement or important message on your home page each day, for example. Maybe there's a photo that you'd like to change on occassion.
Logo Design
A well-designed, professional logo is absolutely critical to the success of a company's branding and the aesthetics of their website. It is one of the most important visuals of a website and can give credibility to a firm and often times "carry" a website whose design is less than perfect.
E-commerce Websites
An e-commerce website is the most complex of the web applications and the most challenging to implement. An e-commerce site not only dynamic screens fed by a back end database, but it also has to process customer payments in real time and protect the customer's sensitive information.
Flash Development
Flash is a unique digital technology developed by Macromedia which is now Adobe. It enables web designers to integrate enhanced functionality and multimedia into their designs, and even makes available its own scripting language.
Web Hosting
Once your website or web application is developed it then needs to be hosted on a web server at a hosting facility (typicaly a data center) so that it can become accessible to your users and customers around the globe.
Database Design
Brochure-like websites are known as "static" websites and do not require any custom coding or back end database. Web applications, or dynamic, data-driven websites, on the other hand, do require custom coding and integration with a database.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
It is unfortunate that you not expect to draw traffic to your website simply by having a website these days. Chances are that no matter what you are promoting with your site, hundreds or thousands of other organizations are doing the same.
Search Engine Marketing
While SEO addresses the "organic" rankings for your website (links that naturally shows up in the left column of Google's search results screen), search engine marketing goes a step further by establishing your site in the "pay-per-click" space (the right column in Google searches).
Solution Architecture
Solution architecture comes into play when developing a custom web database application. It is critical that the project manager has a firm and comprehensive understanding of the customer's business goals and system requirements which can be clearly relayed to the development team.
Copywriting (Content Creation)
The copywriting process works in unison with the SEO efforts. A good copywriter is always balancing the right amount of content to please the search engines with the right amount of readable and interesting verbiage to hold the visitor's attention.
Website Traffic Analysis
Without being able to look under the hood of your website to see what sort of traffic and activity it has been experiencing, you can't effectively maximize the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing dollars.
Credit Card Merchant Accounts
Custom Web Design, Inc. is a preferred reseller of Authorize.Net merchant account and payment gateway services. We can set you to allow you to accept credit cards for your business; both online and in your store, so that funds will be deposited in your business checking account.
Web Photography & Video
If you need professioanlly shot photographs or video for your website, then we can arrange a photo shoot at your location with a professional photographer or videographer, and we can prepare your images/video for display on your website.
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